Another Way to Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business


By Moonlight Madness Virtual Assistant

Another Way to Grow your Virtual Assistant BusinessAuthor: Rita Cartwright

We, as virtual assistants (VAs), generally attempt to grow our business by obtaining more clients or contracts…

2 thoughts on “Another Way to Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business”

  1. runsamok

    While I found your article interesting, doesn’t subcontracting come with challenges since the client may be contacting the seasoned VA and expecting the quality of service that the seasoned VA offers? If a seasoned VA is subcontracting less experienced VAs to perform services, would there be a quality issue or communication issue trying to relay the information from client to subcontractor?

  2. Virtually Yours-PA – Florida, USA – Administrative Consultant helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, and busy professionals attain their business goals.

    Interesting article, I have just recently joined forces with a fellow VA and so far it’s working.

    I do feel that VAs can support more clients and improve the services that they offer to those they already have when they work as part of a group.


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