Canine Blastomycosis The Silent Killer

Love and companionship comes in all sizes colors and gender, best friend in a fur suit.

We had seven beautiful years with our Amber, should have been longer if not for the “silent killer” canine Blastomycosis. Please click the links about Blasto so you can educate yourself and keep your pet safe.

Amber at 7 years old came into contact with Blasto in Missouri and we never saw the symptoms until it was too late. The fungi had severely filled her lungs spreading to other organs. After receiving one dose of medication, little less than 24 hours her body could not keep up the fight any longer. Between the pneumonia and severe fungus of the lungs she was unable to breath without oxygen. Gut wrenching to watch our girl go through such a traumatic experience, we made the decision to relieve her pain and suffering.

Silent Killer Canine Blastomycosis Awareness.

Death is never easy no matter how it happens but canine Blastomycosis is horrific! The ultimate goal is watching them live to a ripe old age passing from natural causes. Precautions are taken from the food they eat, regular checkups and flea/tick heart worm prevention. The love we have for them shows with their care, keeping them happy and healthy.

Love and companionship comes in all shapes, colors and gender.  

Devastated and depressed from the day I put her in the hospital trying desperately to be strong. Feeling I must be a rock for my girl just as she was for me. Deep sadness aches of pain, my heart refuses to comprehend how this happened to our forever puppy. It was so quick, one day she is fine the next she is fighting for her life.

Going through the emotions just as fast it seems, now I am in the rather not think about it and keep busy. The shelter is calling my name and I said I was not ready but here I am visiting anyways.

A Visit To Local Shelter

Penny is a Lab/Hound mix, surrendered by her family just a little over an hour before Amber left her body. Two days after Amber’s passing I went to local shelter, visited some dogs and took a few out to socialize. Penny got to me with those sad eyes and the fact she was given away as she needed too much attention. Here I am, no dog to give love and attention, it looks like we’re made for each other. She’s helping us with our sadness, keeping us on our toes like a toddler would, she now has a forever home!

CBD All Around

Losing a pet is a traumatic experience, I am so thankful to have CBD (and Cannabis). Natural herb that helps in keeping me from going into a deep depression. You can give CBD to pets, it helps gut and brings a sense of calm in those spaz moments just as it does with humans. No ripped stitches please Penny, we just got spayed a week ago.

Love with everything you have!

Yes, one day they will leave and so will we, but it is my desire that we’ll all be reunited again. I miss my sweet girl Amber (named after 311 song) with every fiber of my being. Looking forward to being in a space where I can speak of her without crying, I look forward to seeing her again!

Be a good steward to our Animals Always!

Rene Dasher

Spiritualpreneur who Coaches from Spirit. I have had the great honor of working with Spiritually Psychic Woman such as Dr. Lisa Reed and Sharon Wilson using spiritual and holistic principles, turning tragedy into transformation by tapping into and utilizing your intuitive abilities to help you reach the next level in life. Background in Public Relations and Research for Dr. Lisa Reed on CTR Network - Internet Talk Radio of Simply Spiritual Solutions.

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