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20/20 Vision

Happy New Year! We welcomed 2021 leaving 2020 in the rear view mirror. It rather feels like 2020 brought 20/20 vision with it for many of us.Many beings were awakened or experiencing an awakening right now. You may be feeling

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Canine Blastomycosis The Silent Killer

Death is never easy no matter how it happens but canine Blastomycosis is horrific! The ultimate goal is watching them live to a ripe old age passing from natural causes.

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Give Yourself Permission To Shine

Giving yourself permission to shine creates confidence and love of self to come out of the shadows. You are a light to the world that must shine brightly.

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Navigating the Transition Phase of Change

There are three phases of change  1. Letting Go 2. Transition  3. Starting Anew Navigating the transition phase of change is the hardest because it is that ‘in between’ place where you have left behind the old and are uncertain about

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Fill A Need And You Will Succeed

  Fill a need and succeed Create something new, something sustainable through these changing times. So many options, it’s just about choosing one that fits with you and then follow through.  Think like this, “I am filling a need while

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Talking To Your Dog Is Good For Mental Health

Talking about your emotional problems and current emotional state is in itself a therapeutic activity. Confiding in a dog is, therefore, a way of managing a number of psychological problems.

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