Sprays for Everyday Wellness

Daily Spray Video this video (click on photo) you will find out why Daily Sprays belong in you daily self-care routine.

How Are Everyday Sprays Effective & Effortless For Daily Wellness?

In an age when technology is revolutionizing health for millions of people, we wanted to combine the best of tech and wellness into a complete lineup of go anywhere sprays.
Daily Sprays are your go-to supplements that deliver a spritz of nourishment in a genius little micronized delivery system–any time of day you need it.
With pocket-sized sprays that fit easily in your car, travel bag, purse, or drawer, Daily Sprays are always on hand to boost your everyday performance, support your body’s needs, and deliver the right energy for any moment.

For So Many of Us, Pills Just Don’t Deliver!

Did you know that many people who take traditional pills only absorb about 10% of the ingredients?.
Not only do pills make it harder to absorb the nutrients we need, but pills also expose our bodies to unwanted sugar, yeast and wax. Plus, some over-the-counter pills can be filled with toxins, fillers, and chemicals harmful to the human body.

Is Every Spray, Tried & Tested?

Before any Daily Sprays leave our warehouse and arrive in our customers’ hands, each batch is tested in a 3rd party lab for heavy metals, allergens, bacteria, yeasts, molds, and pesticides. All so you can enjoy the benefits of everyday wellness without having to think twice about their safety. 

Our full transparency testing along with our 60-day money back guarantee gives our customers the confidence they deserve.

Spray for Everyday Wellness


A simple pick-me-up spray to get you through your day.



A focused dose of ingredients to support healthy cognitive function.


A quick and easy spray for cellular energy.


An effective performance enhancing spray to put you over the top.


A protective spray to support your body’s immune function.


A relaxing spray when you need peaceful rest.


The advanced weight loss formula to help you nail your targets.

Ultra CZ

A simple immune support spray for your health and wellness.

A Simple & Efficient Micronized System 

The micronized delivery systems on every Daily Spray are up to 9X more efficient than other delivery systems. How? Because the packaging of Daily Sprays is especially designed for stability. Each tamper-resistant container is nitrogen sealed to allow no oxygen and light in to touch the ingredients, and contains food-grade lining to prevent leaching. In other words, by the time it reaches your system, you can trust that you’re getting untouched Daily Spray ingredients.

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