Healing through visual thoughts.


Visualize any area of your body or life that is in need of healing with visual thoughts.
See yourself being showered with the healing, transforming light of Love.
Say to yourself “My whole being is healthy and filled with the energy and light of Divine God Love.” and so it is!

The process is for you to Believe in the healing light that is being poured over every inch of your self and life. You must believe and have the faith to know that you are healed in all ways with the Divine Light of God.

In this lifetime now with all the choices we have it is imperative to make the right choices and to have boundaries with ourself and others. If you do not then you will be carried here and there with the wind and it will drain you.

Time to go back to a time where we were concrete in our knowingness of  the Divine Power that is freely given to us with the asking, if we Believe and live a life of Grace.

Be Healed NOW!

Lots of Love, Renee

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