Five Essential Activities to Bring Your Book to Life

pexels-photo-256546.jpegYorkshire Publishing is proud to announce the introduction of its Institute of Publishing. Todd Rutherford will be kicking off the launch of the Institute with a free inaugural webinar. Joining him will be Terrence Gargiulo, an eight-time author and writing coach. This 45 minute interactive webinar will provide first time authors with a look at five essential activities they can focus on right away to bring their book to life.

Have you ever wondered how to get started?
Have you ever said, “I want to write a book?”
Has anyone ever said to you, “You’ve got to write that down?”
Have you ever read a book and known you have a message as good if not better than the message or story you just read?

If these are questions you’ve ever had then don’t miss this opportunity to participate and attend this FREE webinar. Todd and Terrence will begin to demystify the mojo behind the scenes.

Spiritualpreneur who Coaches from Spirit. I have had the great honor of working with Spiritually Psychic Woman such as Dr. Lisa Reed and Sharon Wilson using spiritual and holistic principles, turning tragedy into transformation by tapping into and utilizing your intuitive abilities to help you reach the next level in life. Background in Public Relations and Research for Dr. Lisa Reed on CTR Network - Internet Talk Radio of Simply Spiritual Solutions.

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