Keep Your Relationship On Track

Things To Say To Keep Your Relationship On Track

Are you maintaining intimate and loving communication in your relationship ?
What do you want for dinner and did you take out the trash may be two of the most frequently made comments.

Communication Is Key

In order to maintain intimate and loving communication in their relationship, couples may need to become more intentional in the messages they give one another. Things to say to keep your relationship on track, Try these:

Thank you for… People need to be acknowledged for what they do. Don’t say thank you only for the things you asked your partner to do, but just because you appreciate him or her.

Would you please… Expecting your partner to read your mind is expecting the impossible. Say what you want and need. Be specific. You’ll get more of what you want more of the time, and your partner will appreciate the opportunity to please you.

How do you feel about… Ask, and then listen to your partner’s response. Withhold any judgment you may feel and don’t try to change his or her feelings, beliefs or opinions.

I feel… Feel your feelings, claim them, state them and tell the truth. Notice the difference between “I think” and “I feel” statements.

I’m sorry… Admitting mistakes and apologizing for them is taking responsibility for your actions. It encourages your partner to take responsibility for his or her actions as well, and creates more trust.

Apologies and Forgiveness

I forgive you… Accepting apologies for mistakes your partner makes is a way of letting go of resentments and keeping relationships in the present. It paves the way for generosity and compassion between you.

What I appreciate about you is… Shine the light on your partner’s qualities and express it often.

What I hear you saying… Listen, really listen, and let your partner know that he or she has been heard.

I love you… Find your own variations on the words; you can’t say them too often.

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Canine Blastomycosis The Silent Killer

Love and companionship comes in all sizes colors and gender, best friend in a fur suit.

We had seven beautiful years with our Amber, should have been longer if not for the “silent killer” canine Blastomycosis. Please click the links about Blasto so you can educate yourself and keep your pet safe.

Amber at 7 years old came into contact with Blasto in Missouri and we never saw the symptoms until it was too late. The fungi had severely filled her lungs spreading to other organs. After receiving one dose of medication, little less than 24 hours her body could not keep up the fight any longer. Between the pneumonia and severe fungus of the lungs she was unable to breath without oxygen. Gut wrenching to watch our girl go through such a traumatic experience, we made the decision to relieve her pain and suffering.

Silent Killer Canine Blastomycosis Awareness.

Death is never easy no matter how it happens but canine Blastomycosis is horrific! The ultimate goal is watching them live to a ripe old age passing from natural causes. Precautions are taken from the food they eat, regular checkups and flea/tick heart worm prevention. The love we have for them shows with their care, keeping them happy and healthy.

Love and companionship comes in all shapes, colors and gender.  

Devastated and depressed from the day I put her in the hospital trying desperately to be strong. Feeling I must be a rock for my girl just as she was for me. Deep sadness aches of pain, my heart refuses to comprehend how this happened to our forever puppy. It was so quick, one day she is fine the next she is fighting for her life.

Going through the emotions just as fast it seems, now I am in the rather not think about it and keep busy. The shelter is calling my name and I said I was not ready but here I am visiting anyways.

A Visit To Local Shelter

Penny is a Lab/Hound mix, surrendered by her family just a little over an hour before Amber left her body. Two days after Amber’s passing I went to local shelter, visited some dogs and took a few out to socialize. Penny got to me with those sad eyes and the fact she was given away as she needed too much attention. Here I am, no dog to give love and attention, it looks like we’re made for each other. She’s helping us with our sadness, keeping us on our toes like a toddler would, she now has a forever home!

CBD All Around

Losing a pet is a traumatic experience, I am so thankful to have CBD (and Cannabis). Natural herb that helps in keeping me from going into a deep depression. You can give CBD to pets, it helps gut and brings a sense of calm in those spaz moments just as it does with humans. No ripped stitches please Penny, we just got spayed a week ago.

Love with everything you have!

Yes, one day they will leave and so will we, but it is my desire that we’ll all be reunited again. I miss my sweet girl Amber (named after 311 song) with every fiber of my being. Looking forward to being in a space where I can speak of her without crying, I look forward to seeing her again!

Be a good steward to our Animals Always!

Rene Dasher

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Give Yourself Permission To Shine


Give yourself permission to shine so bright that fear will turn to love. No more thoughts running through your mind that make you feel less than. Thoughts like you are not good enough, not smart enough, not attractive enough, not loved enough? Well I am here to tell you otherwise, you are a star with a deep desire to shine and shine brightly.

Are you giving yourself permission to shine or dimming your light?

Within each us we have been given gifts, talents and skills just for our individual uniqueness. Above all else, there will never be another like you. Each of us were created as a one of a kind in other words, never to be duplicated.

Stepping out of your self created shadow.

I get it, your saying to yourself well that’s easy for you to say. It’s not easy work but I promise you, it will be the biggest pay off of your life. I invite you to come and interact with me and others on my FB Page where we can help encourage each other to step out of fear and have courage to let our light shine!

Letting yourself shine gives you the confidence and love of self because you came through that darkness and shined your light upon it. So give yourself the permission that you are a light to the world that must shine. The time is now to step out of your fear.

Confronting fears that are dimming your light.

Firstly, fear is an illusion that keeps you from being your authentic self, it wants to keep Invisible. In other words, It likes you to think your comfortable being in the shadows. Secondly, fear wants to keep you trapped with circular thoughts such as, “I’ll be criticized if I step out,” which leads to loads of self criticism. Quit comparing yourself to others, that’s only going to feed the lack of self worth.

Confront those fears head on every single time they come into mind and say to them they are a liar! Refuse to believe anything that goes against how you want to feel about yourself that isn’t kind and loving or makes you feel icky about yourself. You want to be your biggest cheerleader not the naysayer who wants to make you feel bad.

Are you linking your worth to someone?

Oftentimes we link our self worth to someone else because we don’t love ourself enough and inevitably that someone will let you down. In other words, no one can ever give you what you have been designed to give yourself, love of self. Knowing and loving yourself will be the solid foundation to build your worth upon. You will over time break down the darkness that has held your light in so that you can shine proudly and brightly.

Make yourself a priority and sing your praises, give to yourself what you have been waiting for, permission and acceptance to be your authentic self.

 Advice from a firefly on how to shine bright.

Be like a firefly and shine bright.

Be full of bright ideas.

Pulse with excitement.

Have a healthy glow.

Delight in summer evenings.

Keep a childlike sense of wonder.

Set a shining example.

Lighten up!

Love and appreciate who you are now.

So go ahead and give yourself what you been waiting for. That which comes from within you is a great capacity to love and encourage yourself. You have it in you right now, it may be small but it’s always been there ready to expand and shine brightly. Appreciate the body that was created for you, appreciate and love every part of who you are  The more you do this everyday just like exercising your body, you will get results.

In conclusion, here are a few quotes to help encourage you on your journey. Let your light shine with purpose and passion, but above all, love yourself right now.   -Rene Dasher

1. “The entrance of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple” (Ps. 119:130)

2. “Your work is to discover who you are and then with all your heart give your light to the world.” -Jennifer Williamson

3. “You playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightening about shrinking so others won’t feel insecure around you. As you let your own light shine, you indirectly give others permission to do the same.” -Marianne Williamson

4. “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” -Edith Wharton

5. “The darkness around us might somewhat light up if we would first practice using the light we have in the place we are.” -Henry S Haskins


Rene Dasher – Holistic Hope Dealer


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Navigating the Transition Phase of Change

There are three phases of change 

1. Letting Go

2. Transition 

3. Starting Anew

Navigating the transition phase of change is the hardest because it is that ‘in between’ place where you have left behind the old and are uncertain about what the new will be.  This is where you may feel vulnerable, anxious and in a state of uncertainty. 

Tips On Navigating The Transition Phase Of Change

For example below are a few tips to help you find comfort and some semblance of control the next time you are in the transition phase of change:

First, do something that makes you feel in control. Choose a project that you can accomplish. Stick to it until you finish.

Secondly, choose one or two areas of your life that you can focus on to impact your future success.

Thirdly, think bigger and see yourself successful.  Use your visualization skills to see your best outcome.

Finally above all accept that this is an awkward stage. Give yourself grace and ask for patience from others in your life.

Last but not least remember the transition phase of change can be difficult to navigate, but applying these few simple tips will  help you to feel less vulnerable and uncertain, and most importantly you will feel more empowered and in control.

During these times it is important to reach out and not be so isolated during the process. Journaling helps a great deal and if you have a blog now is the time to pick it back up if it has been dormant for a time.

Let me know how you are doing, need any help then I am here if you need me. WE are in this TOGETHER!

Please join me and others here where we can build a sense of community to help build and lift each other up, see you there!

Lots of love n blessings, Rene

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Fill A Need And You Will Succeed


Fill a need and succeed

Create something new, something sustainable through these changing times. So many options, it’s just about choosing one that fits with you and then follow through. 

Think like this, “I am filling a need while creating a business, that will generate so much income I will no longer have to worry about paying the bills, no matter the crisis.” Don’t look back and Create a Better Life Starting Now!

Fill A Need and Succeed!

Start Believing In Yourself Now!
Be A Holistic Hope Dealer!
Read my post ( You Can Work From Home) for inspiration.

Check out 👉🏽 my site 👈🏽 and the fantastic products we offer!


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You Can Work From Home

Start your OWN online CBD store- Yes, you can work from home!Upon becoming a affiliate you get your personal website and access to training and mentoring.

I see that people are searching and praying for relief from their pain whether health or finances related in these unsure times right now. If you feel as I do and want to make a difference in your life and the life of others than let’s talk. I have a fantastic opportunity that you should not let pass by, especially right now.
Wish you could work from home? Well you can and get all the training and support along with a website without you having to set any of it up! Don’t pass this up, think where your business will be in a year, if you start Today!
Rene Dasher

What About Brands and Product?

MyDailyChoice offers multiple brands that allow you to capitalize on a variety of industries, based on what interests you most. Whether it’s CBD, travel, health and wellness, or cryptocurrency, you can find the right opportunity, meant just for you. Think of it as one-stop-shopping for successful brands, all under one roof.

Compensation Plan Information

See for yourself below in this information graphic about our compensation plan and the difference way you can make money. Click on picture below to take you to MDC Income Disclosure.

The MDC Mission

The Zwagil Foundation was founded by Josh & Jenna Zwagil who decided to impact the world through a strategic partnership alliance. Our vision for the future is a place where people can live freely, by choice, and in self-sustaining communities. Together, we can change the world.
Committed to protecting the environment and improving the lives of America’s most vulnerable. The Zwagil Foundation has identified five pillars where we feel we can make a difference in the lives of others.

  • Feeding Children
  • Human Trafficking
  • Veterans
  • Protecting The Environment

Key benefits to becoming a MyDailyChoice Independent Affiliate:

1. Purchase your favorite MDC products at a discounted Member Price.

2. Participate in our exciting compensation plan by referring others to our Products and Business Opportunity.

3. Get access to world-class training by our Top Industry Leaders.

4. Leverage our “Done For You” Marketing System.

Start your OWN online CBD store, you get your website, access to all training and Mentorship from Top Earner- FREE! My entire team and I are here to help you do this. Let’s go!!! Join NOW!!

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Questions Email Me

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Different Types Of CBD Products

Trying to understand the different types of CBD oil products can be confusing as well as intimidating. Here is a list of products to help take the confusion away.

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Make a Mimosa Tincture!
Don’t forget to get your pet spayed or neutered to reduce pet population and euthanasia i shelters.
Sending Father’s Day Love to those who need it.
Posted @withregram • @turpentinecreek Thank you KNWA & FOX24 - Northwest Arkansas & River Valley News for sharing their story!
Posted @withregram • @localrose There is a war on the feminine right now. An insidious kind of of sneaky war. I feel it just like I felt the war on my kin during the witch trials hundreds of years ago. The same kind of hunting down of the feminine that occurred when the libraries in Alexandria Egypt were set on fire, we lost the written words of isis, Nefertiti. There is a war on women’s wombs right now. 1/3 of women are getting hysterectomies. More women are having fertility issues in their child bearing years than ever before. Girls are being placed on the “pill” before they even gain a connection to their sacred cycles. What are we doing to our feminine, divinne, gift of being able to give life to another human. The hormone disruptions occurring in the fragrances and garbage food are also hurting our young men and their testosterone levels. A man in his 20’s today has the levels of testosterone of a man in his 70s from year 2000. We need to take a stand and begin to first acknowledge the sacredness of being able to carry life. We need to bow down to the miracle of feminine and masculine in its pure sense. I earned the stretch marks on my belly and refused to get them erased or “fixed”. I remember the moment at 26 I was given the option to have a surgery to cover up my marks - and I refused. I carry these marks as a warrior carries their war wounds. This body of mine, this vessel of mine, has born children and has weathered many storms from ovaraian cysts to monthly bleeds. I wouldn’t hide that ever. A sea change can occur when we shift the perspective. When we demand fertility to be protected. When we say no to toxic hpv shots for our girls. When we say no to gmo tampons. When we say the pill needs more research. Time to honor the sanctity of life before it’s too late #mother #divinefeminine