Keep Your Relationship On Track

Things To Say To Keep Your Relationship On Track

Are you maintaining intimate and loving communication in your relationship ?
What do you want for dinner and did you take out the trash may be two of the most frequently made comments.

Communication Is Key

In order to maintain intimate and loving communication in their relationship, couples may need to become more intentional in the messages they give one another. Things to say to keep your relationship on track, Try these:

Thank you for… People need to be acknowledged for what they do. Don’t say thank you only for the things you asked your partner to do, but just because you appreciate him or her.

Would you please… Expecting your partner to read your mind is expecting the impossible. Say what you want and need. Be specific. You’ll get more of what you want more of the time, and your partner will appreciate the opportunity to please you.

How do you feel about… Ask, and then listen to your partner’s response. Withhold any judgment you may feel and don’t try to change his or her feelings, beliefs or opinions.

I feel… Feel your feelings, claim them, state them and tell the truth. Notice the difference between “I think” and “I feel” statements.

I’m sorry… Admitting mistakes and apologizing for them is taking responsibility for your actions. It encourages your partner to take responsibility for his or her actions as well, and creates more trust.

Apologies and Forgiveness

I forgive you… Accepting apologies for mistakes your partner makes is a way of letting go of resentments and keeping relationships in the present. It paves the way for generosity and compassion between you.

What I appreciate about you is… Shine the light on your partner’s qualities and express it often.

What I hear you saying… Listen, really listen, and let your partner know that he or she has been heard.

I love you… Find your own variations on the words; you can’t say them too often.

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