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Brazil Nuts and Thyroid Health

🌰Did you know that just 5 Brazil nuts a day can significantly contribute to your thyroid health? 🌰 These crunchy delights are packed with selenium, a mineral that plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of your thyroid gland.

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Jasmine In The Bedroom

Hey friends! Let’s talk about the amazing benefits of having a Jasmine plant in your bedroom! Did you know that apart from being absolutely gorgeous, Jasmine plants can actually work wonders for your sleep and overall well-being? First off, let’s

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Even Spiritual Souls Need to Check Their Ego!

Hey there, beautiful souls! Today, I want to dive into a topic that often gets overlooked in the spiritual community – the importance of checking our egos. We all know that spirituality is a journey of self-discovery, growth, and connection

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Explore the World of Microdosing

Explore the World of Microdosing with Mushroom Chocolate Bars! Are you curious about the potential benefits of microdosing mushrooms? Look no further than the delightful combination of mushrooms and chocolate in the form of mushroom chocolate bars! These innovative treats

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Gratitude is the Door to Your Manifestation!

Give Thanks for a new life before it’s made manifest.Why does this matter? Gratitude is the Door to Your Manifestation! Gratitude is the highest form of acceptance and receptivity you can give. Therefore, the greatest prayer ever is “Thank you”.

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Cedar Tea

The Cedar tree has many practical and medicinal uses. Cedar is offered to the sacred fire during sweat lodge ceremonies, burned during prayers and, when boiled, can purify indoor air and be used for cedar baths. As a tea, it

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“New Year, New Month, New Goals!”

New Year, New Month, New Goals To Set! This doesn’t have to be discouraging, we can make setting goals fun and most of all it will be rewarding to see the pay off. I totally get it, I used to

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